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About US


It's all about respect



We are sons, brothers, fathers, husbands

We share a love of all things motorcycles & mototourism

We all share an ancestry from Russia & it's republics

We party hard & ride hard

We value our freedom




Our club rules & principles are similar to most MCs.  We are about quality, not quantity

We are not about diversity, as our logo is RUSSIAN BIKERS.  We do not discriminate against friends, but the club is what it says.

We are a stand-alone club.  We do not support or back anyone.

Respect is earned, not given

Our love for the road is what brings us together.  Our dedication to the club is what binds us.




BRATVA MC original chapter was founded in New York on  /. /  

The idea of a Russian-American riding club spread quickly and many became interested

We established our Rules & Regulations at the 1st official member meeting.

This motorcycle club was the brainchild & dream of the founding members.


This is just a brief description of what we're about. if you want to find out more, come say hello, ride with us, have a drink with us.  The journey to becoming a member of our family will be explained to you ONLY if you are worthy of taking the next step.  Time will tell as we get to know each other.

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